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Apocalypse is a mutant from Marvel's X-Men comics. He was abandoned as a baby and was found by a tribe who taught him how to survive the desert.

As Apocalypse became an adult he, along with his clan, were captured and forced into slavery by the vizer Ozymandias. He soon rebeled and was killed by enforcers of Ozymandias only to be revived by his mutant powers. Believing himself to be "strong" and "blessed" he found Rama Tut's ancient tech. He used it to destroy most of the Ruler's near him and twisted Ozymandias into the being he is now.

In M.U.G.E.N, there are three current versions of Apocalypse. One is made by N64Mario, one is by OnslaughtX & Kung Fu Man and another was made by RobiWanKenObi, Cravd & MMV Team. A patch was made for N64Mario's version by Blackjack. Template:TOC

N64Mario's versionEdit

File:Apoc Stance N64Mario.gif

Ripped straight from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter comes N64Mario's version of Apocalypse. Its weak spots are its head and arms, but seeing as it can only face one way, it becomes very vulnerable when the opponent jumps over it.


OnslaughtX & Kung Fu Man's versionEdit

File:Apoc Stance2 OnslaughtX KungFuMan.gif

OnslaughtX & Kung Fu Man's version includes the two small satellites that float by him and has the same hit sounds as X-Men vs. Street Fighter. Unlike N64Mario's version, this version doesn't include a ground making him only look right if he is in his home stage, Apocalypse Now!.


RobiWanKenObi, Cravd & MMV Team's versionEdit

File:MMV Apoc anim.gif

The most recent version of Apocalypse made uses custom sprites instead of the ones from X-Men vs. Street Fighter. The character is more like a regular character and not a giant boss. This Apocalypse also features a unique voice unlike the previous versions.



  • The former two versions of Apocalypse are unique in that characters like Ultimate Chimera can't kill them instantly. Instead, they need to be hit several times in order to be KO'd.
  • One of Omega Tiger Woods's attacks has Apocalypse's head.
  • Apocalypse's head is one of the many random sprites in Uppercut, most namely his crouching hurt sprites.

See alsoEdit

  • Onslaught - A giant character that took Apocalypse's place as resident video game boss in the Marvel vs. Capcom release.
  • Galactus - The most recent giant-boss character in the MvC series appearing in all of the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 releases.