How to Create a Char PageEdit

First off once you've started to add a new page, use the template userboxes. From there, you must include the origin, download link, and the creator. (Put UNKNOWN is there is no known creator). Once you've done that, then you give a background of the character, then state how many times the char has been made in M.U.G.E.N.

Then this is where things are different and can get tricky. Next you will put the characters data (Health, Defense, Strength, etc.) and also how they appear in MUGEN. If a character was made 2 times then you will have a picture showing the character in MUGEN from both creators. Not just one. After that you are almost done. You just add them into their respective categories, add a video with the char and you have created a Char page that won't be deleted! Now get out there and do what's right! And also, have fun!