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Wally West is a superhero found in the DC comics. Drawing his powers from the speedforce, he has the ability to move at incredible speeds. He was originally The Flash's sidekick, Kid Flash, but after Barry Allen died, Wally took up the mantle of The Flash until the events of Flashpoint. Durring his tenure as Kid Flash, Wally was once temporarily lent a green lantern ring when his powers vanished, going by the name Kid Lantern.

Wally's abilities were originally the weakest of all the Flashes. For example: if he tried to accelerate through something, he would get a nosebleed, but he later overcame these weaknesses and is one of the fastest characters to wield the power of the Speed Force.

In M.U.G.E.N, Wally West as The Flash has been made by Buyog and as Kid Flash by IHighGamerI.